Cynthia’s Intuitive and Mediumship Reading Testimonials

Some kind words from my Awesome Clients

 My first (but certainly not last) reading ever was with Cynthia a month ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Cynthia is such a warm soul I was completely at ease. I especially appreciate how in tune she is- and as a result she could not have been more spot on in her reading – and so incredibly specific! She asked me to say as little as possible – only nodding or giving a “yes” or “no” to indicate if her reading made sense. 90% was spot on… another 5% came to light later. I am in awe! What an amazing talent – thank you for connecting me with my sister and sharing your gift with others.”
“I am truly grateful for all of my readings that I have had with Cynthia. My life changed after my first time speaking with her. I could feel her energy through the phone and I was in absolute awe with everything that she told me. I still look back on the notes that I took during my readings, and I can relate more and more each time. Her guidance and ability to connect to her spirit guides is just incredible. My whole perspective, outlooks, and attitude have been continually shaping for my highest good thanks to Cynthia. I become more and more intrigued of the gift we all have, the ability to “tap into” through our consciousness and awareness. i recommend her to my friends all of the time, and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a genuine, life-changing reading to help guide you.”
Jen H.

“I went to Cynthia for a reading in March. I had many different opportunities, issues, and questions about things happening in various aspects of my life. I immediately felt comfortable conversing with her, and she made me feel at ease as she communicated to me. She was open to hearing my feedback and interpretation of her spirit communication. Getting a reading from her made me feel more at ease about my future, and she encouraged me to get in touch with my intuitive side, which I have been doing. The whole experience has been so helpful and has positively affected my life. I look forward to many more readings with Cynthia!”

Tricia F.


“If you want to meet up with someone who is truly able to give an accurate reading, Cynthia is one person to go to! Cynthia was able to tell me things that only I would know.  She was able to talk with me about my family, my personal life, and my work.  During the reading, Cynthia told me what my “go to” drink was, my family nickname, and where I was being challenged at work.  I feel she spent the right amount of time with me and was able to help me focus on the positive. Cynthia is someone I would not hesitate to return to as I go through life and I would definitely recommend my family and friends to reach out to her.”


“When I reached out to Cynthia, I originally asked for a psychic reading because I was more interested in the future than connecting with spirit. She told me that whatever was meant to and supposed to come through, would and she was so right! Cynthia had my personality nailed, never having met me before and I was shocked and also knew things about my family, including names of people. She focused most of the conversation around a question and issue that I’ve been dealing with internally for months. Cynthia provided very accurate information, guidance, and support on how to handle things. She even gave me ideas for things to read after our conversation that were extremely helpful. I am so appreciative of what Cynthia provided for me during our phone reading.”

Whitney S.


“Thank you so much for the time and care you gave me while providing the communication with my father. The special things you told me provide a peaceful feeling every time I think about them. You were able to help me with the questions that I had. Again, thank you. “

Beth N.