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Here’s The Book that Started it All for me. It’s an amazing resource explaining the Law of Attraction and techniques to utilize it in your everyday life. Hear from Inspiring and prominent leaders on how they use the Law of Attraction and how it changed their life. Let this easy read change your life too!



I talk a lot about how we live in a Vibraional World. I truly believe no one understand and teaches his concept better than Esther Hicks. Are you ready lo blow you mind and completely start a new outlook on life? Then get “In the Vortex” with Esther Hicks! You’re Welcome 🙂



The Secret turned me on to the Law of Attraction. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith was an expert that was interviewed and partook in the book the Secret. He is a Master of teach Visualization. He has a quote in this book that I just Love! “Pain Pushes Until Vision Pulls”. He teaches you to be motivated by your pain and to use visualization techniques to get the momentum to start living at your highest potential. I can honestly say that this book helped me create by biggest most desired manifestation yet! Definitely a Thumbs Up!



I realize some of the topics I discuss can appear to some people as too “woo woo” or too out there. This author discusses the same topics but in a more scientific and very clear manner. He’s super fun to read. When reading his work, You just want to be friends with him. Get this, he has a section in the book titled ” Learn to Be Unfuckwithable”! Ahh!! I just love it!

Here’s A Selenite Crystal Wand Similar to the one I use daily to clear my energy. I mention About how I use it in the Video in my Blog Post , Am I Crazy? Or Am I an Empath? Check it out 🙂


Read the Book, “A Cursed Blessing” by my friend and Fellow Medium, Kelly Vicario, as she shares her personal journey of life as an Empath.










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