Meet Cynthia


Author of Celestial Solution Blog

Yes!!! You have found me!! I have been waiting for the right moment, and  NOW is the time to introduce myself . Hi… I’m Cynthia Stant. I am a 28 year old Intuitive Practitioner, Psychic, Medium, Metaphysical Student, Mother, and Wife. I’m also a Wine drinking, Coffee Addicted, “Real House Wife” Loving, Creative, and Confused Entrepreneur, but we’ll get into that… I’m excited that you’re here to connect and grow with me.

Fun Facts About Cynthia:

  1. I just moved back to my home state of Delaware from Florida where I have been living for the last 3 years. I know, I sound crazy right? I’m happy to be back.
  2. I have had many intuitive experiences growing up, but my psychic and medium gifts really began to flourish only a month after I began to meditate regularly.
  3. I went to the University of Delaware where I earned my Bachelors degree in Marketing and have a minor in Advertising. Through this blog, I’m sure my mom is happy that my degree is finally getting some use 🙂
  4. I used to manage Jim Beam Brands for the State of Delaware. I still love me a good bourbon.
  5. I learned to meditate and am currently earning my certification as an Intuitive Practitioner from the College of Inner Awareness, Spiritual, and Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater Florida.
  6. I am a mommy and have two awesome kiddos. My oldest son Derrick is an angel, and my baby McKinley’s personality is as fiery as his red hair!
  7. I’ve been married for over 5 and half years now to my hubby Joey. He is super supportive and embraces having a newly found psychic wife.
  8.  I do schedule private readings both medium and psychic.  If You’re interested in Setting up an appointment with me. Enter Your Information HERE.
  9. My Mantra is: “Ackowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.” This came to me in meditation one day and you’ll see me use it often. For me, it was about accepting my unique gifts and talents. But not only accepting them, working as hard as possible to excel at them and do something important with them. It’s about allowing yourself to align with your truth, regardless of any fear you may have.
  10. I’m not a metaphysical expert. But I know that discovering my intuition and educating myself about metaphysics has lead me to the path of  my life purpose. I advise that when reading my work, you do it with some humor and an open mind. I’m not trying to impose anything on anyone, but instead am just sharing about my personal experiences. If you have anything you would like me to discuss on my blog or if you have any questions, please reach out on the contact page. I’d love to chat 🙂