11. Meditation – Because Some Shit Just Can’t Be Googled

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So What Is Meditation?:

Meditation is the Art of Doing Nothing.

    In the Physical world we live in, so many thoughts have been constructed into universally accepted beliefs. Many of these beliefs have been here to protect us for thousands of years, but in an ever changing, and continuously developing world, many of these same beliefs are now limiting  to us. We are so much more than we accept because we only focus on the concepts created by others which are focused on living in a physical world. We regard ourselves as victims to the people and situations around us because we are taught that this is all there is. More to it, we don’t want to take the responsibility of accepting that we are fully responsible for the circumstances around us because many of them we don’t actually like. Everything around you, you have created. You may not have done it on purpose, but nevertheless, you have created it. It sounds like I’m doing a lot of blaming right? But really, it’s actually a very beautiful thing. If there are a lot of things around us that we don’t like, why don’t we start Purposefully creating the things we do?


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Here is where meditation comes in…

So Cynthia, if I knew how to create the things I wanted, wouldn’t I already be doing it? It sounds like you’re going to tell me about a really difficult task…. No, what I am about to tell you is very simple. Simple, but not necessarily easy. It’s just like working out to get into shape. It takes effort and for some a little bit of time. But working out only helps you to see physical, health, and self esteem positive changes. Meditation helps with your relationships, your finances, your spirituality, your health, your career, emotions, EVERYTHING… It aligns you with your truth. So why not work at it a little bit?


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   When we meditate we shut our brains off and focus on the now. We control our thoughts so that our thoughts do not control us. We learn to manage our brain to slow down and shut off so that we live in the Now without any resistance. In time, some people feel tingles, some receive guidance, and other feel nothing at all. But the nothingness is beautiful. We must remember that we are vibrational beings before anything else. Whether you feel like you’re experiencing anything or not, trust that you are creating positive vibrations by taking the time to meditate, and you are attracting that same positive frequency. Wonderful things begin to come to you,  and easier paths are created to finding them because you stop resisting and become in tune with the positive flow of the vibration of the universe.


   Like I have mentioned before. Our thoughts and energy are just like radio waves. We don’t necessarily see them around us but they’re everywhere.  Let’s say you want to listen to the radio station 102.1. (Shout out to Elvis Duran, Love him!!) It’s impossible for you to receive the messages on channel 102.1 unless you turn the dial to that station. If you are constantly on channel 96.5 , it’s impossible to tune into what’s being broadcasted on 102.1. When you meditate you release tension and jump into the current of the universe and get steered to the right station or frequency where you can start receiving the clearer messages!

   I have heard this example in many places, but it’s good. Receiving in meditation is similar to being at a restaurant. When you place your order, you trust that your food is going to be coming out the way you order it. You don’t get up and chase your server around. You don’t  walk into the kitchen to check on the chef (Unless you’re one of those crazy assholes. I worked at restaurants. Some people are just Weird :-/ ) You relax and enjoy your time at the table, letting go, enjoying the moment in full faith that your food is coming with minimum action needed….Yeah, It’s kinda like that.


So I definitely paid $26 for this book… Damn You Barnes and Noble!! But AMAZING read on all this!!


   So how do you meditate? Here’s a video of exactly how I meditate for my clients when doing readings, or  for when I want to shut down and just be:



(Note: I’m No longer in Florida. Back in Delaware!)

    So I see how it kind of seems like a lot, but after doing it for awhile, you don’t really need to do all the visualizing, you just jump right into it. It’s amazing what happens when you shut your brain off. It was only after a month of doing meditations for 20 minutes a day that I started receiving messages from people’s departed love ones. Don’t underestimate your gifts. We all have them. Stop asking about them and Allow Yourself to be Quiet enough to hear and know about them.

You do not have to follow my guidelines of meditating. There are thousands of ways. You can do guided meditations, utilize mantras, stare at a flame, do yoga, whatever… the ultimate goal though is to just


Silent the Mind so that you can Observe the Soul.

Namaste Bitches 🙂

Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.