6. Don’t Tell People Your Dreams. Show Them!

~   This blog is dedicated to My husband for supporting me in all my uniqueness. To my family who has grown to accept my differences and continues to support me, and to my friends who never left my side. ~
    All of us have heard of “Intuition” or have heard of someone discovering or using their “Sixth Sense”. For some it is experienced naturally, for others it is a talent that must be really worked on. Do not be fooled though, we all have the capability to tap in and align with Divine Energy. It is our birthright.
    When I explain it to people, I like to compare it to playing basketball. Everyone can bounce a ball and throw it at a hoop. Some naturally are better than others. Some are not quite as quick to catch on how to achieve making the shots. Some who are good do not practice and do not ever reach their potential. And there are those who are not good to start with, but practice daily and excel. There are high school players who advance their career and improve their talents by playing in college. And although many athletes work on their skills daily, not everyone makes it to the NBA. And among the limited players there are in the professional league, there are only a select handful that the entire world knows and remembers. Michael Jordan, for instance. But Michael Jordan will share with you that there was far more than talent that got him to where he is. It took dedication, perseverance,  focus, and belief. And just as everyone can shoot a ball, everyone is capable of uniting with and utilizing the Divine power of aligning with truth and tapping into intuition. It just depends on how you use your energy and focus to achieve it.
      Yes, as you have guessed from my previous blogs, my ability to plug into my intuition came quite naturally. I am blessed for this ability. And when experiencing it, I feel more free and empowered than words can describe. I continue to work daily on advancing my knowledge with the biggest intent on sharing my findings with others.
   For some who can relate, this is not the easiest task. Many people in the spiritual and metaphysical community have coined the term, “Coming out of the Spiritual Closet,” in regards to sharing about their talents and understandings associated with intuition and the Divine. This of course is because of the fear that comes along with judgment from others who do not relate, cannot understand, or are not interested in even listening.
I want to share with you that I am not afraid.
    Yes, it is very much true that I have naturally stumbled upon the ability to connect with and channel the expressions of people who have passed. I am not denying this to anyone, and I will continue to help others to achieve this. But I want you to realize that although I am interested in sharing this experience with you, my biggest intention is not to be focused on myself. Instead, I want to take this blog as an opportunity to share with you the insights I have gathered on how the universe works in our favor, and how the Divine guides us if we allow. My highest priority is to assist you in utilizing your energy and your focus to manifest the dreams you desire.
    My personal faith and experiences have lead me to accept and trust in particular spiritual ideologies. Angels are most definitely one. But please note, that I realize that our acquaintance is still new and perhaps your ability to absorb information on that matter is not quite ready at this point in time. I hope in the future to earn your trust in discussing those particular topics of spirituality. I can ensure you there will be a focus on them in the future. I must also declare that  I also do not intend to impose my beliefs and findings on to anyone. I am nearly suggesting and am open to the concepts you find to be true and would like to share as well. So if you are willing, please continue on with me in our steady progression of explaining concepts of metaphysics with the underlining intention of  converting your dreams of success, love, and happiness into their fullest potential.
   Now that all that important information is out of the way, Let’s make this Shit Happen!
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    We have discussed in detail ideas about the Law of Attraction. I would like to take this time to focus on a concept about achieving success that a lot of people make a mistake on. I personally failed at this notion several times, until I was basically Bitch Slapped in the face by the universe telling me to shut the hell up!! Here is what I have discovered and here is what I will continue to share: Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them!
   I have used the metaphor in the past that thoughts are like bubbles that we release into the universe. When we release a thought, the more energy and focus we put into it, the bigger it gets. Your bubble can collide with other people’s bubbles to create an even bigger shared thought. And yes just as bubbles are fun to blow and create ,for some they are even more fun to pop. Especially, if those bubbles belong to someone else.
      If you truly desire something, and every part of you wants to see it really happen, then don’t tell anyone about it until you are ready to show them that you are already doing it.
“But Cynthia, I thought you said like attracts like. If I put my intentions out there and share my dreams early on, won’t I speed up the ability to manifest my desires?”
 You see, if there is something you really want, but haven’t yet put enough energy and focus into it, you are allowing it to be exposed to threats. For instance, if you didn’t take enough time to blow your bubble the perfect size and wait for the perfect time to release it (away from inclement weather, and assholes who like to go around popping them) you stand a higher chance of having the bubble you want to float off into the distance turning into a wet and sticky mess. And what’s worst, in most cases, you get too scared of what may happen to your bubble. And because you didn’t release it at the ideal point, you end up being the one popping it yourself.
“But Cynthia, I’ve done a good enough job keeping ass holes out of my life. Everyone in my life loves and supports me.”
   Unfortunately, even in this scenario, bubbles are still very fragile. What can happen is the people you release your bubble near may have thoughts of, ” Well I “Hope” the best for them”. (By now, you know I am not a fan of hope since hope means there is still uncertainty). They’ll continue by releasing thought bubbles that begin sticking to your small, immature, and  susceptible bubble. Their bubbles will say things like, “I really hope there’s a change, because in the past they never been able to do something like this before.” And, “I want them to achieve this, but I never was able to do it so I doubt they will.” There will even be the seemingly positive thoughts of, ” I know they can do it, but I hope they are ready for the consequences and aren’t going to quit after it happens.”
AHHHHHH!!!  Why in the world would you want to release your dreams (immature wee little bubbles) around “positive” and “loving” people like this?
     Clearly, in most cases, these people really do love you, and want the best for you. In fact, they have no idea that they are even subjecting your little bubble to any type of threat. In their mind they think they are being supportive. But as we discussed, we think 100,000 some thoughts a day and basically 80% are in some way considered negative. The thing is, you can’t possibly control the thoughts of other people. You can only control your own. So when it comes to something as important as your dreams…. be aware, and be in control. Utilize the Law of Attraction in away where you can guarantee that only positive attributes are contributing to your dreams.
      I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to share ideas I had about things that I wanted to achieve, but was too nervous about how they would be perceived. And yet I released them too early without building the momentum and power they needed to withstand the opinions of others. I of course witnessed them be completely shut down. It took about 15 times of experiencing something like this to realize the astonishing event that was happening before I shared something too early. Whenever I was uncomfortable or weary of sharing a dream with someone, I began noticing that right before the words slipped from my mouth, that an interruption would occur. The person I was talking to would get a phone call, they would knock their glass over, or a mutual friend would walk in the store and interrupt. Yes, I realize many people would call this a coincidence. But I began noticing it happened Every single time. I am no believer of coincidences, and I am sure if you began to pay close intention to the events in your life, that there is guidance being shown to you in similar ways.
     It is human nature to want to belong, and want to share. But trust me, Don’t tell people about your dreams. Show them!
      Yes, it is possible to move forward with your dreams, even if you release them to others early. But know that you may be setting yourself up for a particularly harder path. This is especially so if you have not yet built up the strength, the courage, and the confidence that goes into defending this dream. Allow yourself to become this dream. Believe fully in yourself and the capability of achieving this dream, and be ready to be the force behind steering it away from the obstacles that it will face, or take the time to build the walls it will need to be protected by. It is your dream. It is only up to you to see it through. If you are extremely determined it will happen. But in many cases we allow other contributions persuade our own thoughts. This is why I provide my suggestion of  shutting up, building it up, and when ready, “coming out” with it.
       “Cynthia, don’t people who care about me want to be part of making my dreams come true? Won’t they feel blind sided if I just come out and share that I made a decision on my own without including them?”
   Yes, they probably will feel shocked. It would be grand to be able to share the build up of a dream with people you care about. But feel it out for yourself. If you know, you are hesitant, easily persuaded, or care too much about what others think to the point you will deny yourself of what you want and deserve, then try this approach. Because in the end, the people that REALLY do want the best for you, will be there cheering you on. They will realize the measures you had to take. They will respect that you put the care of your dreams in your own hands. Do not allow anyone’s disappointment be a reason for your failure. Because if you do, you are only limiting yourself.
       Achieving your dreams can be scary. People you never expected to can say very hurtful things, and you may even lose people in your life. But know that there isn’t anything better than making your dreams come true because when you’re there, the right people and circumstances will be there right along with you. That is who you want in your life and that is where you want to be.
      Remember everyone has their own story, there own fears, and own experiences. Allow them to have that. Respect that people aren’t going to understand. Recognize that you may come off self-centered. Realize that there may be cases in which you and other people may never see eye to eye. If you truly care about yourself and respect other people, and if they truly care about them self and respect you, you will support each others differences. Together, you will provide nothing but beautiful uplifting “bubbles” to each other.
 If they love and respect you, they will let you do your thing. If you love and respect them, you will make an effort to be a part of their life and be grateful for their understanding. Leave it to Disney <3
      It took me awhile to realize that I unconsciously been doing this. Almost Everything that I cherish in my life has been developed out of a decision I took in my own hands not phased by what others thought. I have pissed a lot of people off who can’t relate. I have hurt a lot of people who don’t understand. But The people who supported me still do. The people who challenged me but care about me came around. The people that didn’t are no longer a part of my life, and I’m better off. Most importantly, I can live happily knowing I made it happen.  Whether it was my extremely quick engagement that people didn’t approve of, my aspiration to move across the country, or even my announcement of my unique spiritual gifts, the people who Love me are still here. Even this blog, my “Spiritual Coming out” moment, is something I kept close until I was ready. It is my dream to use my talents and knowledge of the Divine to help others to find peace, understanding, and success. You better believe I invested in myself when it came to matters of wanting to make a dream of helping others happen.
This is why I use the Mantra that I do.
“Acknowledge it. Embrace it. See it Through.”
 Be true to yourself. Accept that you Deserve it, and Make it Happen!
Protect your Dreams.
Thank you <3
-Cynthia S.
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