Are You and perhaps Your Friends interested in Metaphysics? Do you feel you may have some kind of spiritual gift, or would like to discover your spiritual gifts? Would you like to receive valuable training to improve your intuition and have better control over all aspects of your life? Would you like to learn about the Universal Laws, energy work, and the spirit realm that is helping us to manifest everything in our physical realities?

Well Let’s Learn About it all in the Comfort of Your Home!

Gather Your Friends for a Night of Wine and “Spirits” .

Host an event at your home with your friends. Select a class from the choice of courses below, and give you and your friends a unique evening that’s not only fun, but  is energetically and spiritually beneficial.

***Please note that if you are individually very interested in taking a serious approach to working on your spiritual gifts and improving your intuition, let me know. I will be gathering serious individuals for an on going weekly class schedule. If you and a group of your friends are interested in taking this serious approach, a plan can be arranged for you as well! Please reach out to me at

Intuitive Development Classes

All Classes are priced as following:

For groups 1-3 people the class will be $50.00 per person.
For groups of 4 or more the price is $30.00 per person.
*Please Note that the Class on Crystals has unique pricing.*
~These Classes are Currently Only Being Offered in the Delaware Area, Please Contact Me For Details on Surrounding States~


Intuitive Meditation 101:
Meditation is the Art of Doing Nothing. When we pray we speak to God/ the Universe. When we Meditate we take the Time to Listen to the Answers. Having a strong Meditation practice is the basis for developing a Strong Intuition and Spiritual Abilities. In this course learn how meditation is not only beneficial for health and wellness, but for our emotional and spiritual selves as well.  Several steps  to a successful meditation such as grounding, shielding, and opening to receive messages from spirit and your higher self will be discussed. Learn how different techniques such as utilizing mantras and crystals can help to heighten your frequency and achieve a better session as well. Know what to expect after practicing a steady Routine, and learn how to speed the process of connecting. This a certainly a foundation course that will help to improve any other course that is taken.

Energy Clearing 101: This course breaks down the energetic fields that each individual has. We’ll discuss auras, and energy transferring. We will discuss what it means to be an Empath and How to utilize this gift. Energy Clearing 101 will discuss techniques to clear our energy by using meditation, crystals, visualization, and sage. In this course you will also learn how to shield, protect, and control our energy in different environments. Lastly, we will learn how to clear and protect our homes, loved ones, and even our cars!

Crystals for Beginners and the Chakras (Starting your first Crystal Set)-  Learn and understand what the chakra system is and how we can create emotional blockages that turn into physical ailments. Discover how your physical pains could be because of a blockage in your chakras and how to fix it with the help of crystals. Discover how crystals are used for physical and intuitive healing and manifesting. Practice techniques to create the things you want in life with the help of crystals. Learn how to care for and store your stones and Leave with your first Crystal Set! (This course is only offered for groups of 4 or more and is a flat rate of $45 per person. You will receive a Crystal Starter Kit that Corresponds to the chakra system. The Stones alone are a $50 value!)

Mediumship 101: Here learn how to open yourself to spirit. Learn how you may already be experiencing spirit regularly and unknowingly. Learn proper protection fundamentals such as creating a safe space, grounding, and shielding. We will discuss how to obtain validating evidence. Also, discover the signs of experiencing spirit and begin working with techniques such as automatic writing, utilizing a pendulum, and dowsing rods. Practice with other individuals to hone your skills, and get over your fears. Even Learn How animals communicate through spirit.


Angel Work 101– Here you’ll be introduced to opening yourself to Angelic energy. Discover who your Guardian Angels are and Learn about the Archangels. Learn how to work with them, and what situations each Archangel is called upon for. Discover what their energy feels like and how they can be used in emergencies, to manifest things in your life, and in everyday scenarios. Learn what prayers to use to call upon the angels and be able to witness their presence. This course will include individual Angel Card Readings as well to visually understand what your Angels are trying to share with you Now.


Law of Attraction– This Universal Law was made so popular by the book The Secret. We create our own realities. Learn what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Learn how to manifest the things you want in Life, and learn to stop playing the role of a victim to things you don’t want. Instead, learn how to change it. We will discuss the practice of making a Vision Board in this Course to aid us in our visualization techniques. After leaving this course you will have a strong understanding of how to positively change all areas of your life.


More Classes Coming Soon!

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Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.

– Cynthia Stant

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