9. Am I Crazy? Or Am I an Empath??


Have You ever met someone and before even having a conversation you just knew that you would either be best buds or completely just not get along?…. Perhaps you’re a judgmental bitch… 🙂 OR you could be an empath.



Have you ever felt a wave of extreme emotion that randomly took over you’re entire mood but didn’t make sense to you on why you were feeling it?… You could be a nut job… OR you may be an empath.

Are you tired literally all the time no matter how much sleep you get? You could reach for another Grande Red eye with cream and sugar, or you may want to consider that you may be an empath.



Do your friends and family always come to you to share their problems?… You may need to get new friends 😉 OR perhaps they vibrationally sense that you are an empath.


An Empath is a person who is highly sensitive to energy. They can sense and pick up on the thoughts, emotions, and energy of others even without knowing sometimes. They are able to see past the human persona and sense a soul for who and what they really are.


Hi I’m Cynthia….and I am an empath.

Knowing this has changed my life for the better. And for those of you who face anxiety, depression, or extreme fatigue, know that this Blog post may bring some encouragement and relief.


It’s a blessing to be an empath. You are able to see the world not just through your eyes but through your heart.  Empaths sense all hidden thoughts and feel all unspoken emotions. They can truly help others release the built up feelings they carry around because they can sense that they are there even though they aren’t being shared, and they can relate to other because they literally feel the emotions that the other person is experiencing. Essentially, as an empath you are a healer. Perhaps you may not be a psychic medium like me, but you may still be an empath. Do you work in the medical field or teach? Do you do this because you genuinely want to help others? Do you enjoy being a nurturer? Do you adore children, love to volunteer and give back, like to tend a garden and see it grow…? Or perhaps you’re someone who fucking wants nothing to do with anyone… (read on, you may be an empath too! lol) Thing is though, if you don’t realize that you are an empath you can feel more like you’re a crazy person.


Growing up my parents always thought I was too sensitive. My mom at times thought perhaps I may have been bipolar. I would have extreme and random mood swings, but they wouldn’t come often enough to make her too concerned. Adults always said I was too sensitive as well, not only emotionally but physically too. I didn’t know as a child that I felt pain more strongly than most. Not only was I feeling my own pain, but of those around me too. I also didn’t realize that not everyone had to take an hour plus long nap everyday even after a good night’s sleep. I also remember always connecting with the underdogs. I never wanted anything to do with the “cool” kids and appreciated the unique and misunderstood “flaws” of the kids that were always made fun of. A lot of this didn’t make sense until I realized I was an empath.


As living beings we are all connected vibrationally. Although we can’t see it, the frequencies are there. Just like radio waves that we can tap into when turned onto the correct dial. It’s how I can do readings even over the phone to someone 1,000 miles away. We especially create energetic ties to the ones we love.

One morning when I was in college before I knew I was an empath, I woke up feeling extremely depressed for no reason that logically made sense. I felt so sad that I thought my chest was going to burst. I drove to a park on the river to zen out. After sitting in silence I had a feeling to text my best friend and see if everything was okay with her boyfriend’s family. Why though…? I wasn’t sure. Literally 2 seconds after that text was sent, my friend sent a paragraph to me. It was strange because she wasn’t replying to me, she was texting me at the exact same time. She was sharing with me that her boyfriend’s father had passed away that day from a heart attack. I remember being so upset about it, but once I heard the news, I could feel the pain in my chest being released.


Another time, I was at the bar waiting for my friend. She was like a half hour late. I was at my local pub where I frequented often and felt very comfortable. (LOL of course!) Even the owner was at my wedding. As I waited, a man next to me who was mutual friends with the owner offered to buy me a shot or two… or so I think. By the time my friend was there (a half hour later) I was stumbling and falling to the floor. I was crying hysterically as I begged her to drive me home. I went home and rolled on the ground crying and screaming as my family thought I was a drunken mess. A few minutes after freaking out, I snapped out of it and was completely normal. I couldn’t even remember any of it happening.  My family was concerned and thought I may have been drugged. I asked the owner of the pub about how well he knew the man that bought me a drink. The pub owner was like “Cynthia, you guys literally had like 6 drinks in a half hour.” WHATT???!!! I didn’t know until much later, that someone I love dearly was having one of the worst days ever that day and wasn’t sharing it with anyone. I know now too to be careful with alcohol. Many empaths misuse drugs and alcohol as a means to dull the emotions that they pick up from others.

One last experience happened on a Fourth of July. I woke up from bed at my beach house. I was expecting to eat hot dogs, drink beer, and play corn hole on the beach all day until I put my feet down off of the mattress and immediately fell to the ground. I felt like I was dying. At the time my husband and I didn’t have health insurance, so I didn’t go to the hospital hoping I was just having anxiety, but I told him I think I might die today. He looked at me like I was crazy, as he usually does. 🙂 People often think I’m a drama queen, but they don’t know what it’s like.


I tried to lay low and decided to spend the day on the couch. I begged my husband to stay with me and watch my chest. If I stopped breathing, I told him to run and get a life guard from off the beach to save me. I felt that bad!! I tried to meditate and relieve the stress but all I could see was a slide show of hundred of faces….

That night, I got a phone call that my father had died.

I could feel him leaving. I do believe that I saw all those faces because my soul was searching in a large crowd for his. Subconsciously I wanted to help him.

Being an empath is real. And if you don’t understand it you do feel like a crazy person. You feel tired because you are feeling way more emotions than usual and have much more vivid dreams than most. You also make trouble for yourself because you feel anger but don’t actually have a reason to be angry. You don’t know you’re picking up on someone else’s emotions so instead you create problems so that you logically can make sense to yourself.

So what can you do?

One it’s good to acknowledge when you’re experiencing emotions that don’t belong to you. If they don’t make sense or don’t relate to you, don’t allow them to. Don’t let them take over. Acknowledge them and let them go. Don’t accept them as your own. But if you like, after letting them go, try to see who they do relate to. Think of why you are experiencing them. Do you feel like there may be something you can do to help?

Avoid situations that make you uncomfortable. For instance stay the fuck away from the NEWS!! Uggh the worst. I literally cry every time I watch it. Some would say I’m irresponsible for not tuning in… I’m over explaining that all I’m ever trying to do tune out! Seriously, one time I watched an accident happen on the TV and I started having a serious panic attack. I was 8 months pregnant at the time. I almost threw up and passed out.  I had my husband call our doctor and tell her what was happening because of the concern for the baby. The doctor asked me, “what were you doing before this happened?” I told her I was just chilling watch TV in my family room. She asked, “did you just watch an accident occur or something violent?” WTF? “yes!!”. She explained it’s not that uncommon. There’s many of us out there. We experience anxiety because our brains can’t consider that we are picking up on others emotions and feelings and that these perhaps are not our own. We were never taught that!


This isn’t because you’re a loner, or bitchy, or selfish. It’s because it’s what you need to do to survive. You may not realize it, but as an empath, you’re a sponge!! You’re absorbing all the happiness and all the bull shit of others around you. Allow yourself to recharge… otherwise take the risk of burning out.


Look…. you brush your teeth everyday, you comb your hair and you wash your face…you  need to clear your energy too! Not only that, but you also need to ground yourself so you that you can be more present and not caught up in your emotions and thoughts. And just as important you need to be able to shield and protect yourself from all of that negative crap out there.


Wanna learn how? Check out this video:

Have any questions? Be sure to contact me. 🙂


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 My friend Kelly Vicario is a talented Medium and Empath from New Jersey. She has recorded her experiences that she has had with this gift in her new Book “A Cursed Blessing“.  In this Autobiography she covers it all from the struggles of her darkest times to the miracles of some of her best mediumship readings. Her book is an inspiration to those who are trying to find peace and understanding with their unique gifts.

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A word form the Author: “It is my hope that my Autobiography will give you a good understanding of how I re-discovered myself and how blessed I was to have found my path. I want to share this amazing journey that I am on, and the miracles that have happened to me in my life. It is my intention to help others to have a greater understanding of this world that we live in, help them understand their challenges and to let them know that they are not alone. The purpose of writing about my personal pain and happiness is so that I may help others to avoid some of the heart ache and trauma in their life, as they discover their own path.”


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Thanks Everyone <3

Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.

-Cynthia Stant


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