8. The Importance of Giving

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    Sorry Y’all, it’s been sometime since I have written on here. (I can say Y’all now because I’ve been living in the south for 2 and half years…I know, I’m such a poser). But anyway, a lot of changes have occurred, and I have had plenty of time to reflect. I was inspired this morning to share about a topic that really resonates with me. It may come off elementary to many, and even appear to be common sense to some. But for those who haven’t given the subject much thought, I do hope it helps 🙂
    So for better understanding, I wanted to share that for the last 6 months I have been volunteering at a hospital in the NICU. I’m still newer to my city and wanted to give back to my new community, and Lord knows I love little babies, so it seemed to be a good fit. It felt awesome being a good Samaritan and walking around in my khakis and cute little polo uniform shirt, but I had no idea how much I was going to receive through this experience.
   My mind has been blown and my heart has never been filled with so much love. I have held babies that are 3 months old and only weigh 3 pounds. I have hugged and worked with families who have been coming everyday for hours to spend time with their child that has been in the hospital since Christmas! I have prayed so strongly for little babies that are beyond stressed while I try to comfort them as they fight withdraw because there mother used drugs and alcohol during pregnancy. And it is through these experiences that I have witnessed intuition at is rawest. I have witnessed babies utilize their natural born gifts. Their innocence and divine knowings has been inspirational and educational for me. And literally, it takes everything within me not to kiss each one.
    I amazed myself to realize how much love I had for each tiny stranger. I was in awe with how much respect I gained for the medical staff, and I was completely shocked to see how much forgiveness and compassion I had for the mothers who visited their babies that were there for withdraw. A particular baby had taught me about this compassion and showed me how to love.
   There was a newborn that was only a few weeks old. This baby cried hours upon hours. As I held the baby, I tried my best to channel loving and healing energy, and at times I had some success. After two hours without much luck, I was made aware that the baby’s parents were coming in to visit. I felt myself immediately get protective, and even judgmental. A terrible part of me even hoped that the baby would cry a little louder so that the parents could witness on their short visit what they had been putting this sweet angel through. But I suppressed my anger and assisted the parents when they came in and faked a smile when I passed the little one to them. I left them alone and observed them from across the room to see what their reaction would be to see the squirming infant.
    I watched and was amazed with what I saw. The baby immediately became silent and completely content! This newborn, who can’t even locate its’ own hand, intuitively recognized he was with his family. Through energy, the use of its’ senses, and its’ intuition, the baby recognized that this is where he belonged. The parents held the baby tight and smiled together staring in amazement while filled with gratefulness. That little baby didn’t hold a grudge toward his family. The baby shared love and forgiveness. Who was I to judge what that mother has been through, and to think of what type of parent she would be? I realized I was wrong. I prayed for forgiveness and I was grateful for this awakening. A 3 week old had taught me something I will keep with me forever.
  Through giving, I certainly have received more than I had imagined too. I hold my children so tight every morning. I check on them every evening while they sleep and pray a prayer of absolute gratitude. I do my best to not judge others, especially so quickly. And I do not underestimate anyone, no matter their age or size.
 Giving has benefited me more than I felt I could even give.
   We’re all familiar with the saying, you get what you give. Please know that this IS true. But more importantly, I want you to realize that you will receive way more than what you give, as long as what you give comes from true positivity, and lovingness. It is also essential that your good deeds are approached  with an open mind to learn and grow, rather than coming from a sense of ego to show off.
  If you have the ability to volunteer, please give it a try. Watch what you learn about yourself when helping others. But this brings me to another point that I wanted to share.
 My husband is a kindhearted man. He’s pretty damn handsome too 🙂 lol. He was inspired by my experiences at the hospital, but he was a bit envious that he does not have the same availability as I do to put the time into volunteering. My husband is literally always working! I wanted to make it clear to him that if you don’t have time, that it’s okay. You can still give what you do have. We decided to start giving money each month to something or someone we believe in. To make sure we follow through with this, we made our giving into a scheduled date night. Every 15th of the month, we make a nice dinner at home and share a bottle of wine. We make our dinner conversation focused on the positive things we have in our life, and we would both share about what charities or people we know who have inspired us this past month.We would then together decide where we would like to give our money to. ( Now we have always decided on at least $100. You can give any amount that you desire, but remember you get what you give. And there is so much more satisfaction with giving more.) So not only does this experience help bring us together, and highlight the blessings we have in our life, but it also helps us to act together by giving.
   An interesting thing here that I would like to point out is that we do this little ritual every 15th of the month, that way we are creating a pattern. The universe likes to work in patterns and in cycles. Whether we examine the seasons, the different moons, or even our breathing of in and out, there is always a pattern. Many of us have these patterns go unnoticed, but if you make an effort to create schedules, you will be able to observe the occurrences associated with the patterns you create. Giving and then getting is a pattern. Notice the pattern and utilize it to help you with getting what you desire to gain.
    Okay, so in No way am I telling you to go volunteer or that you must give money. It is simply all a suggestion, but I do also realize that time and money may be limited for some. So please know, that there is certainly something else that you can give that will change your life miraculously, and that is your gratitude.
    Seriously!!! Give it a try. I suggest writing down ten things everyday that your are grateful for. Get creative with it. Of course be grateful for your home and people in your life, but really think about things you may possibly be taking for granted that truly are blessings. Be thankful for your ability to see and hear. Be thankful for your health. We all know how much more difficult things are when we are ill, notice how good it feels to feel good! Be thankful for the sun, and all the positive things it does for our planet. Be grateful for your car even if it isn’t a Benz because it helps you to get to where you want to go. No matter what it is, just be sure to really feel the gratitude come from your heart. Notice all the good things about the things you have. Do this, and watch more good things come into your life. Notice how your perspective begins to change. Watch how you become more optimistic about things. Become more present and appreciate the things you already have. It’s life changing.
     If you don’t have the time to write these things down, say them before you fall asleep. If you have children, practice with them at bedtime. Or even think about them when you’re at a red light. Perhaps even take the time to say a prayer for the person in the car next to you that they have a wonderful day. Praying for someone is giving to that person. Giving to others and giving thanks is giving to the Universe, and in return to yourself. Have fun with it, and realize how blessed you are and know that you have so much to give.
See this quick old video from Deepak Chopra about Giving:

Acknowledge it. Embrace it. See it Through <3
– Cynthia Stant