7. The Deception of Perception

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It’s always so interesting to me how some people can come from such terrible circumstances and difficult upbringings yet can become some of the most influential and successful people in the world. And there are some who are born into a life where they have it all, materialistically speaking, and make nothing of their lives. What is the difference?
    Even more interesting, what makes us different than all other species? When a baby foal is born (This means a horse to all you non horse people) it’s within moments that its up and running. Yes, it may be wobbly to begin with, but nevertheless it doesn’t take about a year to develop the ability like it does for humans. And so many other species do not even spend time with their mother’s. Instead, they are born and fend for themselves and naturally know how to hunt and gather food. Yes, an infant child automatically roots for it’s mother’s milk, but without her assistance he would perish. What is the difference?
      Animals are born with instinct. Yes, humans have it too, but more important what really makes us different is our highly developed cognitive abilities. As humans, we have the ability to imagine, to dream, to understand difficult concepts, interpret, to create, and to Perceive.
      The difference between people who are happy and fulfilled, and people who are not is perception. Everything you are experiencing in life is evaluated within your mind. The fun part is that you are the only one in control of your mind, and you have the ability to contort your perception to work in your favor.
    Consider this. Would you regard yourself as a wealthy person?  “Pshht… No Cynthia, I have student bills like crazy, and I am wearing shoes that are over a year old!” Well yeah, if you’re comparing yourself to Oprah, you’re definitely not going to consider yourself wealthy. But who told you to do that? Compare yourself to a child in a third world country who would love nothing more than to go to school, and perhaps doesn’t even know what shoes are. I believe that beautiful child would consider you to be very wealthy.
   There is a universal law of relativity that makes perception more explainable. It literally is defined as, “All things are relative.” If I asked you if  the room you are sitting in right not is large, the correct answer when considering relatively is: it is neither large or small, unless it’s being compared to another room. Other rooms in your home are relative. They determine whether the room you are in now is small or large. But without any other rooms to compare it to, the room isn’t small or large, it’s just a room.
     “But Cynthia, I’ve seen several rooms in my life that I can compare the room I am in to. So even if I don’t consider the actual other rooms in my house I still have other references to consider” Okay, smart ass 🙂 , that’s part of the point I’m trying to prove. Let me bring you to another example that might help you understand what I’m saying even better.
     Electricity. Is Electricity a good or bad thing? It is neither, it just is. You see, if you consider our lifestyle as improved,  and how things are so much more convenient with the help of electricity lighting our bulbs and heating our homes, yes you would perceive electricity to be a good thing. But if you were once electrocuted terribly and nearly died from an electric shock, you may have a different perspective on how you view electricity. Does this make electricity a good or bad thing? No, it doesn’t actually change electricity and what it is in its physical form in any way. It just is. The only thing that is altered is  how electricity is relative to you. You determine how you perceive it.
    “Okay, I kinda get that, but where are you going with Cynthia?” I’m trying to show you how wonderful the cognitive gift of perception is. You see, nothing in life truly is good or bad. It’s just your perception of it and how you hold it in your mind relative to everything else you have experienced. What if you could change everything in your life that you consider to be bad, and develop a new outlook on it? What if I told you there really is no such thing as problems? And if you believe that there are, than you are the only one forcing yourself to see it as that. Things and experiences are just that, things and experiences. You are the one that labels them. Every time something happens to  you that you consider to be bad, I can promise you something “worse” has happened to someone else. And we know by now, that if we think positive thoughts, we attract positive things. Imagine if you made all the things in your life that you perceive as negative, as something positive. Think of all the momentum you could build with the law of attraction to create more positive things and experiences.
   Be in control of your mind, and realize that every problem you have is an opportunity to practice changing your perception. Keep your thoughts positively strong and watch the magic unfold in your life. It is real. Even the hardest scenarios can have a positive outlook, just keep your mind strong and allow the universe to work in your favor.
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/4222193378394609/
      “Okay, this is all making sense, I now understand that I can control my own perception to make things that I once considered negative to be more positive in order to attract more good in my life, but what about other’s people’s perception of me? This is something I struggle with. I feel like I’m often misunderstood or often judged. What can I do about this?”
   Just say “Fuck ‘Em,” lol just kidding. No this is a very good question, one that really affects so many people, especially individuals who would consider themselves victims of bullying. It is so important to remember that everything that is happening on the outside of you is being evaluated within your own mind. You can think that people are truly judging you, or you can change your perspective and realize that people that do judge, are jealous, and bully are truly unhappy and have a negative perception of themselves. Someone who is completely comfortable with themselves never looks for someone’s faults. And a person who is extremely confident and successful will celebrate for others in their lives. I love this quote:
So the next time you realize there is someone you feel like you are judging, step back and realize it. Acknowledge it. When you are completely honest about whatever  it is, do you find yourself considering that the thing you are putting down about someone else is something you are privately insecure about? For example:
 Your best friend just bought her dream car and you think, “yeah well she can afford it but she sold her soul for that crazy demanding job.” If you were truly happy you would think. “I am happy for her.” Is it possible that this comment shows that your are a bit insecure about your car, and your financial status?
 How about all the people who said Lady Gaga looked “chubby” at the Super Bowl when she was breaking it down burning 5000+ calories. Do these people often feel judged on their appearance by others?
 There are so many scenarios that can fit here. What is important to remember, in respect to other people perceptions, is that you cannot change them. All you can do is modify your own to keep the good vibes working in your favor.
   What’s funny too is that we always focus on the things we don’t want in our lives. Don’t screw yourself over like that!! By focusing on the things you don’t want, you’re attracting those negative thoughts and emotions, and a few minutes later you’re digging into a bag of Cheetos and have Oreo crumbs all over the damn place. Be sure to change your verbiage in order to help modify your perception. Start saying things you do want instead. A lot of people aren’t really sure of exactly what they want in life though. So try this task at home. Write down everything you don’t want and then write down the complete opposite. Whatever you don’t want, eliminate from your thoughts. Whatever you do want, only focus on that.
Ex. I do not want to be overweight. Instead think: I want to be fit and healthy.
I don’t want to be broke. Instead think: I want to be wealthy and affluent in all areas of my life.
(What Do you See here? Oh yeah?… Take a step back and look at it again. Shit is crazy right?!)
Please friends remember that all things in life can be looked at in a different perspective. You are the captain of your life. Only you can control this. Try this for a short time and realize that your life is beautiful and you truly are perfect. You deserve to be happy, and you can be.
Acknowledge it. Embrace it. See it Through. <3
-Cynthia S.