5. Creating Your Own Vision Board

 Art By Cynthia Stant
(Yup, here’s another actual real
example for a Vision Board I created.)
     Okay everyone, this blog post is nice and easy. (Friday’s are suppose to be easy days right?) I want to share with you ideas and suggestions on creating you’re own vision board. But first, Why a Vision Board?
   So be sure to check out my previous blogs. They cover a lot about the Law of Attraction and how it works. It will help this all make sense. But for a quick review (or reference if you’re too lazy to read my other blogs) The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law where Like Attract Like. In lamest terms, if you think good thoughts, you experience good things. If you Think bad thoughts…. you got it…. you experience bad things. It gets way more technical than that, but again it’s Friday and I’m trying to keep this shit simple.
   So As I had described before, thinking is too hard, and imagining can be fun. But sometimes even imagining can feel like thinking. So I had suggested that you experience the things you want in real life firsthand. If you have a car that you really want, go test drive it!! If there is a neighborhood you’re dying to move into, go to the model house or open house. When  you’re there and no one is looking, lay in the perfect bed they have made for you. Sit in that over sized jacuzzi tub and OWN it!! Make it real in your mind.
    Are you visiting your girl friend’s annoying friend’s party only because her oceanfront beach house is Ballin’?? Shame on you 😉 Well, while you’re there offer to hand out drinks, and pretend these are your guests at your perfect vacation house. No one has to know, and you look Awesome doing it!….
     Okay but sometimes you’re in your cubicle, and stuck there for hours. Or maybe you spend most of the day at the library studying, or for whatever else reason you’re sitting somewhere where you can’t go actually experience the things you want. How do you still give your imagination that momentum it needs to match the frequency of things you desire Fast??? Now it’s time for a Vision Board!!
    For your vision board, I recommend you use a small canvas, decent sized piece of card board or a poster. Collect as many magazines as you can. Print pictures of things you like and want, or things that remind you of stuff that makes you happy. Even put personal photos up of your favorite memories. The whole point here is to start feeling good every time you see this.
   Trust me a ton of people do this! Need inspiration? Just Google “Vision Board” and look how many there are out there under images. Just take some scissors and a glue stick and go at it. Chill to some good music while you do it. Or if you’re anything like me, have a glass of wine by your side. Feel good when you do this. Make sure you have some time to yourself….You deserve it.
  At first, just grab whatever you like off the bat. This is your instinct kicking in. You’re subconscious usually knows you best. Don’t think to much about it, and don’t worry if what you chose shocks you. Don’t second guess it. There’s a reason you picked it. Go with it.
  You can keep it simple, you can put anything anywhere and make it an art piece, or you can have it organized. On the example above, I kinda just let loose and put the clippings anywhere. On the example below, I  organized the clippings so that there is a section for romance, goals, self esteem and health, spirituality, prosperity, and then lifestyles and material desires:
 Art By Cynthia Stant
  When you place each clipping on the board, feel good about it. Think of that thing and why you chose it. Think about how awesome it WILL be when you get that thing.
  There !! You’re done! How does it look? Amazing?…Kinda crappy??… NO big deal. It’s basically for your eyes only. I actually keep mine out so people ask me about it. That way, I can recommend them trying it out, or it gives me another chance to express the things I want out loud.
  Either way, put your vision board somewhere you’re gonna be everyday… And now let’s practice using it.
  Be somewhere alone and undisturbed. Lock eyes on a part of you vision board and imagine experiencing that thing in your mind. Use my board above for example. I love historical places and love to visit them for vacation, Savannah or Charleston for instance. There, they have horse pulled carriages. Clearly, in my cubicle, or even anytime this evening, I can’t experience being in a carriage firsthand. So instead, I use the board as a focus to amp up my imaginative thoughts. Then I close my eyes and really imagine being on one.
    I hear the clip clop of the horse as he walks. I see my children laughing in excitement as we move along. I vision holding hands as I smile at my husband. I can smell the breads and coffee from the market place, and I can see the giant ships coasting down the river in the distance. I feel the wind pass by my hair. This same wind is making the old branches of the majestic trees dance. A piece of Spanish moss flows by my face as we pass by a low branch. I feel grateful to have such a wonderful moment with my family. (I think you get what I mean.) But most of all, I feel Magical, because I know I made this moment happen.
  Tomorrow I might  imagine having a date night with my husband and focus on the picture of the steak dinner and a fine glass of Cabernet.  You can change it up, focus on one thing everyday,  focus on a few, or all of them everyday. Try to provide yourself this time for at least 5 minutes a day, and put your board somewhere that  you can’t help but to remind yourself to do it.
Trust me, it feels good to feel good. Allow your self to do it.
Check out this Awesome Video about How this guy had something SOOOO Exact from his vision board happen in real life.:

Now it’s my turn to hear from you!
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Have a good story you would like to share about how something “freaky exact” happened in real life from your vision board? I wanna know. Tell me about it!
By the way… Be Safe and Have Fun Drinking Some Green Beer Today. 😛
Thanks for reading and Sharing.
Acknowledge it, Embrace it, See it Through.
-Cynthia S.