15. How To Tell If Your Intuitive Reader is a FAKE

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  I remember the first time I had a reading. I was pretty nervous. I felt eager, a bit vulnerable, and wasn’t sure how I felt about a stranger diving into my personal matter. Yet I was open to the possibility that it could be successfully done and be beneficial and healing. Since then I have had a handful of readings. I have also studied and worked with other legit and compassionate intuitives.  From my experience, I noticed right away which ones I believed were authentic and which ones felt like were complete crap. When trusting someone with your personal matters and paying them with your hard earned money, here are a few things you should consider before confiding in them. This Post is meant to educate you on what you can expect from my readings, and what you should look out for when meeting with a new “intuitive reader”.


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~ Look out for a Reader who is fishing for information Before your reading.

   Before My readings, I explain that I only want you to answer everything I bring up with a Yes or No. This not only to help you experience the authentic communication of spirit, but it actually helps me too. If you talk to much, my brain tries to figure out what you’re talking about and intercedes with the exact message I am receiving. If a reader asks. ” So what brings you to me today,” know that they probably have a whole script ready for your scenario. A real intuitive should be able to energetically receive what you need to hear and experience during your reading.


~ Be aware of Information that could be applied to anyone.

   I once had a reading where the fraud said, “There is someone who is very jealous of you.” Naturally, many of us feel relatively good about ourselves, and there is always at least one person we aren’t super friendly with. Is it because perhaps they are jealous of us? No it’s more likely that this reader is full of shit. Although names can sometimes be difficult, you can expect that a true intuitive can provide actual relations and details of them such as ” An older woman named Sarah that you work with” to be used as channeled information. Spirit is omniscient. If truly receiving spirit, information should be relayed with exact details. In many of my readings, names, dates, and exact details come through.



~ I promise there are NO Curses on You

  As soon as a reader discusses that you have a “curse” on you, and that for extra money they can help you rid it, Get up and RUN. This person s a criminal. Readings are meant to be informative, healing, and Fun! I assure you that you do not have a curse on you. If someone says you do, know that they are trying to steal from vulnerable people. This is a sure sign to get away!


~ They want to Give You Another Reading Soon.

  You have free will. As an authentic intuitive practitioner, I want to encourage you to trust your own intuition and gifts. Yes, I’d be more than happy to work with you to improve on your own God given intuitive abilities, but I never want you to rely on me for all your answers. I encourage my clients to not come back for another reading until after about a 6 month period. I’m not a super human. I just have strengthened my intuition with regular practice and meditation. Some readers want to meet with you regularly. That or they have you feeling fearful or lost at the end of your reading in hopes that you’ll return soon for more “guidance”. You can most likely bet that they’re after your money and do NOT have your highest and best as their priority. Not just that, but enough information is provided in my reading that if you returned any sooner than 6 months, your reading wouldn’t really have any new insights.

Wait it out. Take the guidance from your reading and trust your own intuition as you move forward!



~ The Reader Acts Like they are Heaven Sent and are All Powerful and Knowing

   You should be able to and feel comfortable questioning anything your reader says. If they act like they are never wrong, are annoyed by your questions, or are simply just short with you, know that they’re trying to bully and manipulate you. As a reader, I can always provide more details, and explain to you how and why I believe I am receiving the information that is coming through for you.


Just as there are good and bad people in the world, it’s the same for intuitive readers as well. Don’t be afraid of something you can’t completely understand and don’t knock it until you try it. There really are many gifted intuitives and healers out there that truly want the best for you and would like to help. Just be wise. Use your own intuition and follow your gut when receiving a reading. If you catch yourself with someone who you don’t feel comfortable with, know that you can say NO. It’s just like meeting with a hairdresser that you don’t think understands your style and  may not be able to provide you with the look your going for. An honest intuitive would understand your concerns and let you go or perhaps recommend someone else that may be able to help you.

Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.

-Cynthia Stant