4. Don’t Make Problems into Problems if They Aren’t Problems Yet

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Okay, here it is. This is the breakdown of my explanation of that oh so popular Universal Law, the Law of Attraction. First of all, what do I mean about “universal laws”?
     You see, there are invisible forces that govern the reality of our universe. They exist even though you do not see them, and they will effect you even if you do not know of them. They are constant. They will work the same every time, and they will work for you just the same as they will work for me, a beggar, or a movie star.
     To put it in perspective, it’s just like the natural law of gravity. Have you ever tripped? Did you float up? No… you fell on your face! Just like how if you drop an apple, it falls down. No matter who drops that apple, it Always is going to go down.
    It is these laws that put our universe in perfect harmony. They have been known by, studied, and practiced by scientists, philosophers, and spiritualists since ancient times. And you experience these forces every single day.
    There are several laws including the Law of Vibration, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Polarity, the Law of Relativity and much more. Although, I’ll be certain to put a focus on these other laws sometime in the future, we’re going to discuss the highly publicized Law of Attraction today.
  This is the Law that is advertised in all those self help books out there. Why? Because it works.
     Before I get into the details, I would like to really EMPHASIZE that I am simply presenting the information regarding this notion. It is up to you on how you decide to use this information. Please do know that you are perfect and you’re totally ready here and NOW to start making positive changes. It’s all about changing your frequency.
I know, you’re like … “Frequency? What in the hell do you mean by that?… Cynthia, you’re losing me”.
 Okay grasshopper, let’s consider this…As we have discussed before, thoughts really are “things”. They’re very similar to radio waves. So for example, when you’re on the east coast, and you’re listening to Ryan Seacrest on the radio (you know you do) you can hear his voice live, even though he’s in California. This is because his voice is traveling on radio frequency waves.
   Well, have you ever got bad reception on the radio? You know when it’s all static and you can’t make out shit that they’re saying? Imagine the old school radio dials. If you just tweaked the knob a little bit, you could work your way into aligning with the right frequency radio wave. You can finally hear Seacrest talking perfectly clear about the Kardashian bitches (I mean that as a term of endearment. Love them.) And that is exactly what you must do with your thoughts.
(haha love these stupid things)
   Consider your perfect life as being on your personal own radio station. You need to align your thought frequencies and utilize the law of attraction to create the clearest path of receptivity. In other words, you need to actually do something to adjust you’re own knob to start making the things you want enter your reality.
“But wait, Cynthia, you still haven’t said any thing about Law of Attraction” ….I’m getting there!!
The law of attraction simply put is “Like attracts Like”.
The book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne really made this phrase super popular:
“Ask, Believe, Receive”
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 Ask- Put out in to the universe with your thought frequencies  exactly what it is what you want.
Believe- Know 100% that it IS going to happen.
Receive- Allow it to happen
You’re thinking, “So if it’s that easy, why don’t I have everything I want?” Lol trust me you’re not the only one f*ckin’ this up. As my husband likes to quote from some guy he reads, “If it were that easy, we’d all be billionaires with 6 pack abs on the beach by now.”
You would think asking is the easy part here, but not really. If you really want something, be as specific as possible to what it is that you want. The universe loves all the juicy details. But also make sure that what you’re asking for is exactly what you want. Because you WILL get what you ask for. If you ask for a $1,000,000 salary, be prepared to get all the responsibilities that come with a pay check like that. If you ask for a man who is tall dark and handsome, don’t be surprised if he’s ends up being a complete dick because you forgot to include that you wanted him to be a nice, caring guy too. And for you guys, don’t ask for a girl who is “family oriented” and not expect her to want babies soon after you start dating.
      Don’t be sloppy with you’re intentions. And if you truly are not sure about Exactly what you want, it’s okay. At times this is even better. The universe and the divine know what’s better for us then we do. Have a solid idea and put that out there. Be open to the possibilities that you will attract. This way you’re not limiting yourself from what may actually be the best thing for you.
I mentioned this before in a previous blog. But when creating and manifesting your perfect reality, you can not include any form of doubt, worry, stress or fear. Why? Because your going to end up attracting these things instead. It’s like making problems into problems if they aren’t problems yet. (Did you catch that this is the title of this Blog? Go you…!) If you’re worried that something may go wrong, and keep concentrating on it, it most likely will. Or by wanting something so bad… you’re putting the frequency out there that there’s a possibility that the thing you want is definitely not coming to you. You see, when you figured out what to ask for, you then  got to  act like my Girl Elsa and  just “Let it Go!! Let it GoOoOOoOOo”.
 (Ahh!! Don’t you just love the part
when she whips her braid out! <3 )
Put positive vibes out there. Feel confident. Build you energetic momentum so that it’s a force to reckon with! ALIGN your thought frequency and know that you are in charge of your life!
Cynthia!!! That shit sounds way too hard!
I know right??! You’re not the only one. We think like a 100,000 some thoughts a day, and unfortunately we don’t realize that about 80% of them are negative. WHoMp WhoMp!
You’re thinking. “So is there an easier way to do this, because obviously my thoughts suck and I’m not doing it right. ” STOP that!!! You’re doing it again. But yes there is an easier way. Just let me freakin’ finish the next part before I get into the how to’s.
Thank you kindly for your patience. 🙂
You wouldn’t believe it but so many people do not ALLOW them self to receive. They either feel that they are not worthy, or they focus so much on the betterment of others that they don’t take time to take care of themselves. (Well since this isn’t you, I’ll keep moving forward… Ha! Just kidding). No but really… Know that no matter who you are, where you are, or what you’re are doing, you are worth it. You are capable. And you can have, do, or be anything.
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Prayer is a strong way to ask.  Know that as soon as you ask the universe and the divine for something, it is Immediately on it’s way to you. You can control the speed and form it comes to you by removing the obstacles that are blocking it and by making the clearest path possible. How is a good way to do this? Best answer: Meditate. Second best answer: just simply have fun with whatever you’re doing in the now.
See, prayer is asking, and meditating is allowing yourself to be quiet enough to hear the answer. But you know I’m totally saving all that for another blog post. In the mean time, allowing yourself to feel good and do the things that make you happy, help you to break down those stress built barriers. It allows you to get in the flow of accepting all things that feel good.
“Right… so Cynthia, get to the part where you said there’s an easier way to do this.” HaHa okay we made it to that part.
For those of you who are still letting those pesky, confused, and negative thoughts in the way of making this all happen, I’m gonna let you in on how. The “secret” to getting the things you want FAST is to BE and DO the things you want.
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 (Ha this is an actual poster that used to hang in my college dorm. My awesome mom got it for me.)
Seriously! Okay. this is the part where it can kinda feels really awkward in the beginning, but screw it. Have some fun. Let your childlike imagination run free.
If you are lonely, and really want to be in a relationship why aren’t you setting the table for two?
“Wait what?? Cynthia that’s weird.”
No… I’m serious. Pretend your perfect someone is there. Imagine what they look like. Talk out loud about the great conversations you would have together. I mean what’s the big deal?  There’s no one there to judge you. You are alone after all right?…Not for long.
Have you been Dreaming of that amazing sport car that you have no idea how you could afford? Forget that thought and go test drive it. When you do, pretend it’s really yours. Take a note on how that new car smells, how the leather feels under your tush, and how bad ass you look when the ladies are checking you out as you drive.
Multi-millionaires have been known for doing things like this back when they were broke. They wrote themselves fake checks for $10,000,000 and carried it around in their wallets. They did this so they can put into their mind and truly feel what it was like to handle and posses that sum of money.

(Check out young Jim Carrey explaining about his experience with the Law of Attraction on the Oprah show)
     Pretending like this makes it easier for you to stop trying to think so hard. Because c’mon…. thinking is hard. Experience these things for yourself. And when you do it, really enjoy it and allow yourself to fully accept it as your future. The “doing” of something puts so much momentum behind your thoughts that it speeds up the frequency you are matching up to.
Okay, so time for me to feel embarrassed. This is something I thought I would always keep to myself, but for the sake of your soul searching, I will tell you one way I have used this to attract something I wanted, and how I know it really worked.
    Back before I was married, and was single…I wanted to be in a relationship. I really wanted to be with someone who I could be seriously in love with. I was ready. So I took what I knew about the Law of Attraction and I put it into action. I thought to myself, what would someone who loved me do? “Well, they would buy me flowers,” I thought. So in my bedroom I put a vase on my side table. It was a real random one I found somewhere in my parents basement. And I imagined that someone I really loved had bought me the most gorgeous flowers.
    Now, I never actually put real flowers in the vase, but I spent time every morning imaging what they would look like. This is the super embarrassing part, but I would even smell these imaginary flowers. Yup I was sniffing fake flowers. HA! I even refilled water in the empty vase every day because I was on a mission to make this real. After all, if I received gorgeous flowers from someone I loved, I wasn’t going just let them die. I would water them everyday right?
    So get this, In less than a month I started dating this guy. I was head over heels for him and we saw each other all the time. Soon after, I stopped doing my flower routine, and put the vase back in my parent’s basement in some random spot. After a month I was super in love. 3 months later, we were married! WOW!… Here’s where this shit gets really crazy.
    On the day of our wedding my husband sent me the most    Gorgeous flowers I ever seen in a fabulous vase to the salon I was getting ready at. I loved them, but at the same time I wasn’t super shocked because this is something grooms often do on their wedding day. So I didn’t think much of it.
    After our honeymoon, we came back to our house and my mom did the sweetest thing. She decorated our house with paper bells and ribbons. When we went into our room we were welcomed by the sweetest scent of flowers. The whole room was filled with the aroma of roses. The smell triggered the memory that I had imagined when using the Law of Attraction when I would do the flower ritual before all of this happened. Then there it was….
   I looked at my side table. And in the exact place where I had kept my Law of Attraction vase, were the flowers that my  husband had given to me! Not only that, but for some magically beautiful reason my mother decided to put them in that random vase i threw somewhere in the basement, instead of the fabulous one I received them in! Why she did that. I still don’t know. But I wasn’t asking questions.
     I did it… I manifested the love of my life. Sorry people, but there is NO such thing as coincidences. (More on that later). I did it and I could have not have been happier. True, I may still have met him eventually but, I truly Believe  that I was the driving momentum in my life that helped me to quickly match the frequency of the thing I desired.
    My husband and I now have two children and have been married for over 5 years. But okay that’s enough of embarrassing myself.
  The point is people that the Law of Attraction and thoughts are real things. You can use them or you can ignore them and let life just happen to you. The truth is you can control your circumstances, your choices and your reality. Have fun. Ask, Believe, and Receive. And Be the Change you wish to see in the world. You can do it starting Now, and you are absolutely capable. Enjoy the ride!
Another goodie:
I’m not a die hard Jim Carrey fan, but his speech here is fantastic as well, and goes right in line with what I have been sharing with you.:

 Okay! My turn to hear from you.
Let me know how you have used the Law of attraction to manifest things in your life.
Are you now discovering ways that you’ve been using it all the time in your favor but unintentionally? (That works too).
What advice do you have for others regarding the practice of this law?
Thanks for Reading and Sharing!
Acknowledge it, Embrace it, See it Through.
-Cynthia S.