3. Why You Should Never Hope for Something

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     I was extremely flattered when I got a call from a dear friend of mine. She explained to me that her daughter was trying out for something special and she was feeling really nervous. My friend shared with me that she thought I was one of the most positive people she knows… haha For Reals??! Well at least I try! And with that, I agreed to give her daughter a motivational pep talk to get her head in the game.
   I went on and on about being confident, and if you mess up keep going, and stay positive… Blah Blah Blah. But then this sweet little girl asked a question that had me really thinking for awhile, even after we hung up. She asked me, “Cynthia, why does it seem like I never really get the things I hope for?”
  I told this little girl that, “Because hoping isn’t enough. If you really, REALLY want something. You have to see yourself already having it!” As a small child newer to this confusing place called Earth, she understood what I meant pretty quickly. But for all you Adults who aren’t quite catching on, here’s a break down to why You shouldn’t Really Hope for anything.
   Love is the strongest force in the Universe. It is what makes all things possible. We were created through love by our creator, and by being in the image of our creator, we too naturally are creators. Therefore, for us to create and manifest the things we desire in life we must do so with love.
  ” Okay, right, ” your thinking, “Well I don’t really hate anything or anyone… (Well except maybe my neighbor upstairs who stomps like a freakin’ Ass everyday) and I have a lot of love in my life. So what’s my problem in creating the things I want?” Well, just like you, I used to think the opposite of love was hate. But really, it isn’t. The opposite of love is Fear.
   When you are “hoping” for something it is suggesting that perhaps although you may really want it, you’re just not quite sure if it’s totally achievable. The word for this feeling is doubt. When we worry or we even have an inkling of doubt, we are expressing fear towards the thing we want most. By doing so we are limiting the full amount of love in our creative forces from being able to manipulate our realities in the way we envision it for ourselves. WAIT… What?… Shut the Front Door?? That’s actually possible?….Yes!
   As you’ll soon read about in my other posts, Spirituality and Science go hand in hand. This idea is mostly explainable through the various Universal laws. These laws when applied are constant.  They work for me, just as they work for you, just like they would work for my Ass Neighbor upstairs. You see, although it may be difficult to imagine, your thoughts are truly real things. Just like gravity. Although you can’t see it, it’s definitely still there. It’s up to you if you want it to work for you or against you. And if you don’t stay in control of it  or  realize how you been using them. it could have you falling on your face.
   Think of your thoughts as consistent bubbles flowing out of your head. The more you focus on something, the bigger your bubble gets. Your bubble is flexible and can latch on to other people’s similar thoughts/bubbles and quickly multiply in size. Your thought bubbles are also easily manipulated by other jerks who want to pop them, but nonetheless they are real. What’s strange to think isn’t real is everything around you that you think is…
  I’m no scientist, but all of us learned of molecules and atoms at some point in our high school career. (It’s not my fault if you were texting the whole time). But basically everything that is solid really isn’t. When you use technology, it is possible to see that everything is made of tiny particles that are in constant motion. So even though to our eyes, we perceive it to be solid, it really isn’t. And yes, physical “solid” things around us are effected by our thoughts too. In fact, even liquids are.
  So this is a very popular study, and if it’s redundant to you, I apologize, but it helps explain what I’m talking about to those who may still be thinking WTF? 🙂 …
      There was this professor named Emoto in Tokyo who had a jar of water. He had taken pictures of the molecular crystallized makeup of the water after he froze it. He than added water from the same source to another jar. He then asked everyone to say a prayer towards the water that was in this jar. After they were done praying, he froze this water too and examined the water crystals. The results are here:
Before prayer:
 After prayer:
Then in another experiment, he had everyone look at two new jars filled with water from the same source. To one, he had everyone stare at it an think thoughts of Hitler!!! To the other, thoughts of Love. Oh man… check this one out. This is crazy:
Thoughts of Hitler:
 Thoughts of Love:
 Pictures from: http://highexistence.com/water-experiment/
Pretty Nuts right?!!… No…It actually makes sense… So how are you using your thoughts?
   I once read a good analogy about how good thoughts are like white paint, and bad thoughts are like black paint. If you often are thinking negative thoughts, you’re collecting a lot of black thoughts in your bucket. If eventually you decide to finally add a little bit of white paint (good thoughts) to your bucket, why are you so shocked that you’re bucket still has all black paint? Do you know how much white paint you’ll need to change your bucket to white?? And don’t complain that it’s probably gonna be a strange grayish color for awhile, because if you do it’ll just be like adding more black paint!
Please please PLEASE realize this doesn’t mean you have to go changing everything about yourself to get the things you want. The cool part is, you’re already fully equipped and perfectly ready to get started on making changes in your life. It just begins with changing your perceptions. Instead of focusing on how your car squeals when you’re in reverse (Man I freakin’ hate that. lol) Try to be thankful for the car you have. Be grateful that all your tires are good, and your kids are happy throwing Happy Meals all over the back seat. If it helps you, be glad it’s not the P.O.S hooptie in front of you on the road. Just try to look at things in a new light.
A lot of what we are discussing here is the Law of Attraction. A real break down of this concept will be included in my next blog post. So be sure to read it when it’s ready. In the mean time, I’m excited to hear from you!
What are the types of things you do to keep having positive thoughts? What can we do on here to help others get in the flow of feeling good? Share with me the thing that pisses you off the most and how you’re gonna try to start looking at it differently to get the positive going!!
So what are you thinking so far? Are you diggin’ my new blog? Let me know your ideas and suggestions.
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Acknowledge it, Embrace it, See it Through.
-Cynthia S.
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