2. How It All Began

    Growing up, I was very imaginative. I was the youngest in my family by 7 years. Although, I certainly got A LOT of attention, I also spent a lot of time by myself day dreaming. There were certain things about myself that I realized were a bit different, but I never paid much attention to them. For instance, whenever I tried to fall asleep, I would close my eyes and see different faces of strangers I never saw before. Or I would see a gorgeous landscape and in order to fall asleep I would jump into the picture, just like Mary Poppins. I thought it was strange that when I brought this up to others, not many people could relate. Despite this mundane difference,  my childhood was lovely. I was encouraged to imagine and learn.
     In college, things started getting interesting. I would sometimes see things happen while I tried to fall asleep that didn’t make any sense, only to see them happen exactly as I had experienced them in my slumber the night before. I also realized that I would have these crazy mood swings. I would feel really depressed or angry for no reason at all. I would logically try to come up with reasons to make my self feel sane. I had no idea at the time that I was an empath. I was energetically connecting to people I love and feeling the emotions they were going through. If my sibling was having a terrible day miles away, my perfect day would soon turn into a sobbing mess and I would not be able to get out of bed. (Being an Empath is a real topic I will soon discuss. Many people experience this and there is ways to protect yourself from becoming overwhelmed.)
    It was in College that I fell in love with a book that was introduced to me by my Sister, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This Book is a definite recommendation of mine to all beginners of Metaphysics. It’s a super simple and easy to read book that discusses one of the many Universal Laws, the Law Of Attraction. (Something we must definitely discuss in the future.) My mind was freakin’ BLOWN! I soon began to realize that I attracted everything in my life, and by no means am I a victim to the bad things that happen to me, but in fact, I can manifest the positive things that occur as well. Soon just like Magic I was creating situations in my life. Everything from the meeting of my awesome husband, the exact pay I was hoping to be offered at my salary job, and even the adventures and endeavors I would soon go on.
   This took me to Florida. This trip was a difficult one that no one really understood, but I knew I had to experience. I left behind my friends, my family, my stable career, and everything I have ever known. I took my oldest son with me, and pissed a whole lot of people off, but as selfish at it may have seemed, I knew I had to take the leap and allow myself to change and grow. I wouldn’t have done so if I stayed in the comfort zone of my small hometown.
  I was out there following my husband’s dream in real estate and kind of blindly starting anew. I just had our second baby, and I wanted to have a focus of intention during my experience in this foreign place. I wanted to utilize the Law of Attraction like I had in the past, so I created a Vision Board to include all my goals, my aspirations, intentions, and desires. (I’ll be sure to write a blog on how to go about this with tips on creating your own vision board soon).
   Here is a picture of my Vision Board. The weirdest part was that I cut out this one phrase that I couldn’t really relate to or see fathomable, but I felt certain that I needed to include it. Under the area I focused my passions on, I included a quote that said “Making a Beautiful Difference in Thousands of Lives.” I had no idea at the time, how meaningful this section would be….

  It was here in Florida that I was browsing along on apartments.com and saw the most random building labeled on a map, just as a Seven Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts would be. It was a school for Metaphysics! So RanDoM! I wrote down the address and went the next morning.
  I walked in and meant a bunch of really awesome people. They welcomed me and asked me what I was interesting in applying for. The school was a legit college offering certifications, undergrad, and graduate classes. “Well I’m really not sure.” I explained. “In fact I’m not really sure why I am here.” I just knew I had to be.
   They reviewed the programs with me. Spiritual counseling, Theological and Metaphysical teaching programs, Ministries, Esoteric Studies, Intuitive Practitioner Certifications, Mediumship classes. Wait… “What is that?…WHAT!! Talk to dead people??…OH HELL NO!!” LMAO That sounds super weird and totally scary. Who would ever want to do that? haha. Either way this place was awesome. It was almost like a real life Hogwarts or something.
  So, in case you’re wondering, I decided to sign up to become certified as an Intuitive Practitioner. The school described it as the development of psychic gifts and utilizing them in a lifestyle dedicated to the helping of and service to others. I knew I had some kind of strange gifts, and psychic was one of the actual terms I heard of before, so I went with this. 🙂
   Day one of class, and it started. I immediately bonded with my mentor. We had one on one classes ( because I would bring my newborn to class while he was taking his naps). The first question she had asked me was, “So how often do you meditate?” Ummm…. “Like Never,” I said. I was open to the idea, was told by many that I should, but I never knew how to try. Right there and then she walked me through it.
  Okay, immediately things got weird. I have heard for a lot of people meditating can be really difficult. They say that they struggle with focusing. It was BOnKerS! I didn’t even have time to try to focus before I was being swept away in swirling vortex in a different reality somewhere in my mind! (Thats what it felt like anyways lol). Immediately I saw a green ladder laying before me. At first it was horizontal and then it shifted vertically ascending. My teacher asked me to share what I was experiencing. I couldn’t use my words! She asked me if I wanted to write instead. Although I was floating somewhere among the stars, I also can remember shaking my head yes. She handed me a pen. I wrote blindly in front of me in a notebook. My teacher guided me back to my physical senses and asked me to read what I had scribbled with my eyes closed. I looked down and read out loud “See the Light. Open Your Mind’s Eye. Feel and Know That You are Never Wrong. BELIEVE that. Truly Believe that and you will be Welcomed. I am glad that you had Found me.” …. WTF??!
    Okay. This was getting weird. But I kind of also really loved it. My teacher confidently said that I had connected to my God Source (My higher self). WHO???…I knew I couldn’t tell anyone about it because they wouldn’t understand (I completely get this stuff sounds Cray!) but I also knew it was the beginning to really understanding all of the things I have been yearning to learn.
   Soooo….. One night soon after, my bestest friend came to visit me. I didn’t share with her about my new school because I had mentioned stuff to her in the past about feeling like I had psychic abilities, and it FREAKED her out. lol. So instead we did what we do best and went out drinking and dancing at a spot I never been to in Tampa. It was that night when my entire life changed forever.
    I just felt awesome. I didn’t have a care in the world. I felt like I was in my zone, like I was experiencing a runner’s high and I was an Olympian. The weird part is, I didn’t have that much to drink at this point either. So my friend was talking to some guy she meant. I was chit-chatting with his friend for her sake and suddenly caught my self staring at a ring he was wearing. I was captivated by it. I told him (while my friend was distracted) that I was studying metaphysics and  if he would mind if I asked him some questions. (Everyone in Tampa was cool with this kind of stuff it seemed lol). So he said sure. And immediately I rambled off, ” OMG, that ring belongs to someone who passed away. He was your cousin. You were so young… but WOW, you saw him get murdered?” The guy’s mouth dropped open. He explained the details of the story and confirmed that what I had said was right. WHAT??!!
    I went to the bathroom for a moment to figure out what in the heck just happened. How did I do that? Again, I was away from my friend when I suddenly had that same feeling. “Really? In the bathroom” I thought. Next, I was drawn to the lady bathroom attendant. As she handed me a towel after I washed my hands, I introduced myself and explained to her just as I had to the guy before about what I was studying. I asked her for permission to share something with her too, but warned her that what I was receiving was very personal. She agreed she was open to receiving. I had asked her. ” Do you have a son?” She nodded. I continued by asking, “Does your son struggle with a substance abuse?” She began to tear up and confirmed that her son was a struggling alcoholic. I hesitated, but then continued. “I know this is crazy (A phase I know now to no longer say, because I’m used to crazy lol) but you are supposed to meet this lady right here.” I pointed to a young girl washing her hands that was listening to our conversation. “I don’t know why, but everything in me is telling me that you two are supposed to meet, but for some reason you aren’t talking to each other and I am here to introduce you.” The girl instantly began to bawl tears. I asked the young girl for her for permission to continue. (Something that is so important to do when reading someone). She nodded while sobbing heavily. “Would you like to share what you are experiencing with your mom ?” I asked her. Her best friend was there and began to hold her up. The girl practically fell to the ground in pain sharing that, “My mother is a severe alcoholic too.” The two women immediately embraced each other. They began to wipe away each others tears and exchange numbers, motivated to offer each other future support. They both thanked me wholeheartedly. Both shared that they needed someone to confide in on this challenging matter. The friend of the young girl was amazed. She had asked me, ” What can you tell me about me?” …”I got nothing” I said. lol. I apologized and said my good byes, and walked out confused as ever to find my friend grabbing my hand to go out on the dance floor. I was confused because the first “reading” involved someone who was dead, and the last involved two who were alive. Either way, I still felt great and was loving having my best friend with me. But I definitely didn’t want to tell her about any of this.
    So as the night was coming to an end, we caught an Uber driver for a ride home. My friend took some time to get to the car for what ever reason, She probably had to pee or something, and BAM it was happening again. I asked him some questions about his brother and family and he nodded to all of them. As we were continuing our conversation my friend got in the car. She looked really confused and kind of concerned. I could see it on her face. “What’s going on?” She asked. “Shh…” said the driver. “Your friend is giving me a reading and so far it’s really good. Let her continue.” My friend looked super weirded out, and I felt a bit embarrassed. But I went with it. I immediately began to picture a dog. I asked him if he had a dog that passed away. One that he had since he was in high school. In fact, it was a gray pit bull with blue eyes. He said “Yes…”  HOLY CRAP…. are you telling me I’m talking to dead dogs now? My friend was sooo confused lol. (Really weird, because honestly I’m not much of a pet person). But I continued. “Did he wear a red collar?” The driver said he did. I was fixed on the collar though. I told the driver this. I said, ” I don’t know what it is but there’s something very significant about this collar. were you holding it just today? ” The driver Bugged out. He said, ” I loved my dog so much that I had him cremated. Just today, I found his collar, thought of him, and placed it around his urn.” Things continued.
     Next, I saw an older man who wore flannel. I knew this was the driver’s grandfather. He confirmed he always wore flannel. (Really…? In Tampa?) I said to him, Do you often see your grandfather in your dreams, and when you do, he never speaks? He just smiles at you, right?” The driver validated that this was correct. “And when you have these dreams of your grandfather, isn’t he always there with your dog that passed away?” The driver began to tear up. “Your grandfather wants you to know that your dog is safe and in his care in heaven. The dog is no longer suffering.He will be there to take care of him until you meet with him again.” We then arrived at our destination. The driver got out of the car with us and gave me a huge hug. He was still wiping away a few tears. He explained his dog was in agonizing pain near the end of his life, and it felt so good to know he was okay. He just kept thanking me. He even asked me to take a picture with him. (If this gets out and around and into the hands of that Uber driver, please reach out to me. LOL I would love to hear how you are, and see if you still have that picture from that night.) But why was he thanking me? I didn’t know anything about him. Somehow the people, and even the animals that he loved were telling me about him.
  It was like 4 o’clock in the morning, so my friend and I went straight to bed without discussing what happened. In the morning we didn’t really either. But that next week, my beautiful friend wrote me a letter saying how cool it was to experience the reading I did for our driver. I knew in my heart, that this is what I am here in this life to do.
   After reading several books, continuing my studies, and working with different mentors, I began to do a ton of readings for people. They kept just getting better and better. I would not only channel their love ones (obviously something that didn’t turn out to be scary after all), but I would share with them events that I saw taking place soon, and knowledge that I had learned about Universal laws and spirituality that could assist them in their endeavors. After doing so many readings, I am now here starting my blog and site looking for other ways to grow and share my findings.
   I am blessed to experience such a magical life. And I am on a mission to help as many people as I can with what I know. Thank you for reading this.
    Please continue reading my daily blogs about inspiration, understanding how to meditate and channel, what tools can help, how spirits work and how they communicate and a whole bunch more! I will continue with stories I have experienced and topics that I think need to be discussed. But if there’s something you really want to cover, be sure to shoot me an e-mail or comment on the “Get In Touch” section below. Also, be sure to Like My Facebook page for more cool stuff!
Acknowledge it, Embrace it, See it Through.
-Cynthia S.
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