17. There’s No Such Thing as a Coincidence

Okay, we’ve ALL had it happen before… We were singing a song we haven’t heard in ages and it’s been stuck in our head. As soon as we sit in the car BAM there’s that tune. Weird Right?

Or we were “randomly” thinking of an old friend and POW they text us out of the blue.

Or how about when we were suddenly craving a sandwich we haven’t had in awhile and a friend arrives and brings us that exact sandwich as a surprise!


All just Coincidences Right?


Source: http://majasdiary.com/coincidence/


   You See, if you and I could physically see all of the different radio, frequency, and energy waves around us, we would be dodging and diving left and right. We would feel completely bombarded. But because we cannot see them, we seem to easily forget that they exist and interact with us every single moment of every single day. Not only do we react to them, but we emit them as well.

   When you consider it like this, it seems a bit over whelming.  For some it’s hard to consider that they have control over the situations in their life. Because if they do, they think , “why in the world did I ever let them get so shitty?” Instead of considering this a possibility they prefer to live blindly imagining that everything is just a part of cause and effect and that we are victims and players reacting to this cold world in a game of life.

WHY would you ever want to perceive the world like this??



    Truly, when you can look at the world in a vibrational manner, you can start seeing how spirituality and science go hand in hand. The world in this physical dimension that we perceive is not just a machine operating in a repetitive manner. It’s a field of frequency that is flexible and adhering. When we create frequencies through our thoughts and emit them out into the vibrational field around us it travels. It’s attracted to things, events, and other people that are emitting similar frequencies. Like attracts like. This is the Universal Law of Attraction.


   So when we are “randomly, suddenly, or surprisingly” experiencing something we are actually attracting that event by running on the same frequency of the thing that we desire.


    Great Cynthia, but I’m still not sure. I consider it a coincidence because I attracted a Sandwich. Why am I not attracting $1,000,0000?

   You see we tend to attract simple things like sandwiches and songs in our cars because of a few factors. First of all, we feel that we are worthy of a sandwich, and obtaining one whether it be through choice or by the law of attraction, we feel it is easily obtainable. Some may feel that $1,000,000 is not quite as realistic to get their hands on. As soon as there is any doubt that comes in between what it is that you want to obtain, you might as well blow it kisses good bye. Secondly, when we think of a sandwich that we want, we usually picture it, remember how it tastes and smells. We visualize ourselves enjoying it, and then we let it go because  usually we have other stuff to do. Letting things go is a huge part of attracting the things you want. It sounds contradictory, but by letting it go you are not holding on to it. You are letting the thought travel and find matching frequencies. By holding on and constantly wanting and thinking of a thought, it’ s not able to be released and do its job of attracting the things it matches to manifest your desires. By desiring a sandwich and letting the thought of that go, you are omitting the restrictions and allowing what needs to be performed to receive that which you desire.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

It’s that simple.

Too bad simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Things seem like a coincidence because we are usually attracting simple things that we really haven’t given that much thought to. But what if we applied these techniques to the things we actually Really want?? 🙂




Why not give it  a go?

Happy Coincidencing 🙂

Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.

-Cynthia Stant