13. Ten Things I Noticed After Starting to Meditate


1.Opportunities Started Presenting Themselves More Clearly and More Quickly   All day long, I’m usually alone with my children or working independently, except when I’m working with a client. Being on your own throughout the day  leaves you alone with nothing but your thoughts. Often for many, this means stressing, criticizing, and self-sabotaging ourselves (often unknowingly). When we  meditate we silent all of our thoughts, especially the negative ones, and by doing so we refrain from resistance. We allow ourselves to adjust and align to our natural state of being. Then we begin to stop fighting the flow of the natural vibrations around us with our walls of negative thoughts and instead jump in and ride the current of our blissful natural flow that the universe has provided for us. Even just by practicing meditation for a few minutes a day, you’ll notice that  shortcuts  or opportunities to getting the things you desire start steadily becoming more prevalent. It’s because you are opening yourself to allow. It’s Awesome.


2. My Relationships with Other People Started Getting Better- After meditating you start to become more aware of your conscious and your higher self. Even though you may be angry in certain situations you begin hearing your thoughts speak to you rather than you coming up with them. Almost immediately after having a dispute with my husband or saying something passive aggressive to a friend, I hear myself say, “I understand you are upset, but acting this way is not going to improve anything. Do not prolong this. Breathe in and know all is well. Understand they are upset too and you can take control of this moment now and show it love.” You’ll be like… “What the hell was that? I thought I was pissed. Where did that come from?” When You start  Listening to the Silence, You’ll Begin to Hear your True self. And we all are able to share love in any situation if we allow it.


 3.  My Patience Improved- You’ll also notice that many of the things that you struggle with will be presented to you, but you’ll be more properly armed so that soon the issue no longer becomes a challenge. For instance, I have little patience. And I’m certainly not the most patient person now, but I catch myself accepting and even sometimes laughing in situations that would have really frustrated me before.  I just have a different outlook on things and I know that I am in control of my reactions.


4. My Intuition Developed to a Whole New Level- In meditation I began to better understand that we are all vibrational beings. When you concentrate on what seems to be the the stillness you begin to realize that actually everything around you is in constant motion. There are waves of energy completely surrounding you. Every time you move or create a thought you change the energy field around you. Overall, everything you do is energetically effecting everything and everyone around you. Concentrating on this notion, I began to learn that different people, things, and other beings all have different frequencies. I could start noticing waves of ripples in the air or different sound pitches that would notify me about something that was about to happen.  I could even better understand a person’s intentions while interacting with them. I sometimes feel like a real life jedi. 🙂


source: http://www.quotehd.com/quotes/star-wars-quote-the-force-is-what-gives-a-jedi-his-power-its-an-energy



5. I Made Healthier Decisions- It just happened. I started finding myself wanting to eat better. It wasn’t for religious purposes or even to look and feel sexier. I just naturally started doing it. Don’t get me wrong, experiencing all the other perks that come along with it is a definite plus. But it began with wanting to juice daily. Then I slowly found myself eating vegetarian and now vegan! It’s not a diet or a fad, it’s just a lifestyle. I add in cheeses on the weekend because I enjoy them, and occasionally some meat too. It’s not something I’m trying to prove to anyone, it’s just something that feels right to me. By The way, there’s a New Blog I love to follow that has really good recommendations, recipes and insights on healthy living you can check out here at: http://theconscienceliving.com/

I also notice that I enjoy being active in nature more. I like to workout, but it’s difficult getting to the gym with two little ones, so I decide to play with them. Kids burn so much energy and if you play with them, you do too! Going for bike rides, walks, and playing tag is freeing. It makes you happy because you temporarily forget the things that were bothering you. Before meditating, I used their play time as an opportunity to get work done, or I would cut their fun short so I could get back to work. Now, I just naturally dedicate time during the day to play and be outside. I make it last as  long as we can.


6. I Wanted to Give More of Myself to Others – One day I just woke up and started researching ways to volunteer in my community. As bad as it sounds, that was definitely something out of character for me. But I felt compelled to start giving. I soon started volunteering at the local hospital NICU center. As I mentioned in other posts, those babies helped me learn so much about myself and the world around me. It was a blessing and at the same time I was contributing my gits and love. I also noticed my readings were getting better for people because I stopped making the reading be about my performance and I concentrated on showing compassion for my client. I only focused on wanting to help that person, and soon messages came in clearer.


7. I felt Safer and Rid My Anxiety- When I began to notice and understand energy fields I started doing techniques to clear, shield , and ground mine. I began to realize that when I was experiencing anxiety it was because there was energy that was around me that was clashing with my own. It didn’t “vibe” well with me. I am now able to rid foreign harmful energies from myself.  I found myself creating  personal techniques to protect myself from physical and energetical harm. Some may say this is silly, but to me they are real, and that is all that matters. Because as far as I am concerned, they have worked 🙂 Magic is real.

source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/458170962072013159/?lp=true

8. I  Began To Better Understand and Control My Thoughts- To silence my mind I begin by collecting and organizing  all my thoughts. I gather them, I sort them, and then I cleanse and release them. I get very in tuned with my own vibration. This allows me to understand the source of my thoughts because I am so familiar with how they feel. So for instance, I can tell when I am receiving guidance because even though the thought sounds the same in my head as the ones I created on my own, it flows much more quickly. I don’t need effort to build the thought. It just like listening to someone with your ears. You don’t have to think for them, the message just flows to you. Yes it sounds like my voice, which was so hard to discern in the beginning, but the message is always clear. Guidance messages also usually challenge me in someway pushing me to be better, but it always flows. That’s a sure sign.

  Recognizing my own thoughts is how I am able to channel as a medium. I can recognize when a thought doesn’t belong to myself. So for instance, I’ll be in the shower and I’ll be thinking of the grocery list I need to put together. It may go like this, ” bananas, toothpaste, apples, sipping bourbon in the Pocono Mountains, cereal… WAIT. What?!” Some people would brush this off and focus back to their list or blame this on ADD. But I always take note when something like that happens. Because for me it ALWAYS relates to the person who is calling me minutes later to have a reading. Spirit comes to me first before the client does. It helps me because I know that whoever the person wants to connect with is  already contacting me telling me that they’re willing to work with me.  It makes me feel comfortable to agree to do a reading with that client. During the reading, I’m never filtered. I spit anything out that comes because it helps me not try to translate and make sense of the thought that comes for my client. They almost always understand it, even if I don’t

   So here’s a good example I just thought of. In a funny way, sorting through thoughts and energies is like sorting through smells. You can’t see a smell, yet you can identify it. You can decide which ones you like, which ones you don’t and which ones belong to you. You know how your loved ones smell be it their cologne, perfumes or just natural fragrance or sometimes odor. 🙂 My dad always smelled like cigarettes in life, but now that he has passed, it’s a smell I miss. In fact, when I meet with him in my dreams, I don’t usually see him at first, I sense his energy and identify with his scent because it’s one that I always  had a personal connection with. I call to him and then he appears. Pretty cool.

source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/458170962072013159/?lp=true

9. I Began to See the Tie Between Myself and Everyone Else- After meditating often, I started to consider that we are all not just vibrationally connected, but emotionally and spiritually as well. My mind started having me look at people differently. I would automatically start coming up with weird scenarios and thoughts that helped me to better understand everyone, even the people I didn’t necessarily like. For instance, I’m a softy for babies. I have two of my own and spent time volunteering at the NICU. I mean come on, they’re all adorable and they are all innocent and sweet. I easily love and connect to all of them. Well one time I was upset at a stranger for something rude they did. All of a  sudden it occurred to me that he was once someone’s baby. I was then able to consider this and show the situation love where I thought I could not find any. Where did that thought come from? That’s not how I would have reacted before. Meditation allows you to be open to the love and light of this universe and shine it on others who may not be open to it.


10. I am More Connected to God-  Not only are you able to pick up on other people’s energy, but you’re able to pick up on God’s energy. You can literally feel high during a good meditation. It’s because you raise your  frequency and become closer to God’s high vibration. You start realizing that everything in this world has order. Everything is absolutely perfect, including yourself. And when you realize that, you find peace. God is Good.


If you haven’t already, be sure to  start meditating, even if it’s for only five minutes a day. I personally do 20 minutes a day. I know people who do more and do less . Don’t look at it as a chore, but instead as a way to allow the magic that has always been yours to start flowing into your life. If you want to learn how to meditate check out my previous blog HERE.


Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.

-Cynthia Stant