10. Your Ego is NOT Your Amigo



     I just took a huge leap of faith, as I do often, and journeyed back home to Delaware to start anew with my family. Except, my husband didn’t join us. At last minute, he discovered that he would have to remain behind in Florida for another two months to help his real estate investment company after the huge hit Hurricane Irma laid down on Jacksonville, Florida.

Shit was Bad!!

(Source: https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/irma-brings-record-flooding-jacksonville-cuts-power-more-5-million)

    To save money during this transition and to spend more time with my little ones, I have been working as at home mother. Not gonna lie, in the very beginning it was tough, wonderful, but tough. I like to live in a fast pace. I like change and adventures. I like having something new to do everyday and somewhere to be. Well, with children it’s all about schedules and attention. This different pace of things has been good for me though. I am learning patience, and how looking closely at the magic in every slow paced, “ordinary” day can really teach us more about why we are here, what we are doing, and how we can receive help when we are lost. Most importantly, I am slowly remembering who I am and learning from the best teachers, my children. After all, their souls are fresh from source and have yet to be blinded by the materialism and standards that our society has created. Being around them, I can feel my soul coming back into alignment with who I am. I do this by playing with them, and observing their perception by listening closely to the things they say and by getting on their level and letting the child within me free to play carelessly again.

If only we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, then we would see the Magic in everything.

    On one particular occasion, I was teaching my newly 5 year old and his almost 2 year old brother how to blow on dandelions. My 5 year old was especially having a blast! I asked him if he knew what was happening when we blew on the white fluffy parts. I explained that we were blowing on the seeds and releasing them to flow with the wind to land and grow somewhere new. “That’s Amazing!!” my 5 year old said. And after a short pause he continued,

“It’s like they’re doing exactly what God told them to do.”

Holy shit….

He was right!

    I just sat there in awe and replied by giving him a big hug. I couldn’t help but to think about what he said in that moment for practically the entire evening. If I just let go and stopped trying to force things and instead went with the flow of everything around me, what could I find out about what God was telling me to do? Where would God take me, and what would God have me do in order to grow?





   At times I believe it’s difficult for many of us to consider, or even better – to remember, that we are all souls living a human experience. We forget our true essence and get lost in the realities in which we have personally created. From a beginners standpoint this concept may be mind boggling, but hear me out…



source: http://www.azquotes.com/author/4269-Wayne_Dyer


    When Someone asks you about who you are, you define yourself strictly as others see you and by the role you play in society. In fact many people don’t even think twice and sadly accept these limitations. You may feel that you are labeled by your gender, the role you play in your family, where you live and what you “do” as a career.  Sure these are things that you have created as a part of your current reality, but it’s not actually who you are.


So then Who Am I?

You are a Being of Light created by the Creator put here to Create.


    As eternal beings the life that we are living now is merely a blip in a larger picture. We willingly come back to the 3rd dimension here on earth again and again, time after time, fore we all have free will. We willingly choose the challenges we face, better yet that we CREATE. We do so in order to learn and to grow. The more we remember who we truly are, the easier things get because we stop creating resistance by living in denial. We drop our limitations, stop victimizing ourselves, and begin to create the realities of which we desire. We realize that the problems we face are actually opportunities to expand. As Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith explains, “Pain pushes until Vision Pulls.” If we live blindly and get lost in the limitations of pain, we will only face these lessons over and over until we can accept that we do have control. Everything is about perspective and how we choose to view our world. The Universe is ALWAYS working for us. If we don’t allow it to then we will face our struggles again. Karma is real… and sometime it’s a bitch.

Here Dr. Wayne Dyer explains how our perspective and patience leads to eternal peace.


    It’s true. We are eternal beings that all come from the same source. We are here on earth as what seems to be individual entities, but really we are all one… It’s like if you cut a piece of paper and put holes in it then put your fingers through. On the one side it would look like all separate individuals but if you dug deeper and looked at the other side, you would see that they are all actually part of a whole. They are all just an extension of their source.


   As humans, we get so caught up in labels. We forget to dig deep and realize that we’re really all just wearing temporary meat suits in order to gain lessons as we grow to a greater understanding of our truth. When put into this perspective why does the stress of work, a fight with a spouse, debt, and extra belly bulge really seem to be so terrible?…. Because our Ego tells us it is!


   Ego: I have heard some cleverly describe it as,” E.G.O -Etching. God. Out.” Primitively, Ego isn’t bad. It has a purpose. It is a tool that has helped mankind to survive. It helps us physically to understand guidelines for survival. For Instance, “Fire bad. Don’t touch. Fire Hot. Fire Burn.” But clearly with our evolution we live in a world where physical threats such as dying from snake bites and eating poison berries isn’t quite the focus of concern. Presently speaking, it creates the drive for our strongest desires. It drives us to do what in that moment “feels good”. Which often leads us into giving into our fears. We let it consume us and control our vision. Because often feeling, “safe” is better than feeling vulnerable, even if we know we are completely denying our true potential.

  When all you can think about is the lack of money you have, or the stage fright you have (when you know you’re a bad ass performer), or in any way allow your fears to direct you, you’re giving into ego. When you think that you’re better than someone else, you’re losing sight and giving into your ego. You are trying to steer yourself against the current of the laws of the universe. You’re doing what you think is right instead of Allowing what is right. Doing so, you’re going to exhaust yourself, and perhaps even drown against the current that is far more powerful than your ego ever could be. Accept that you are perfect, and that everything is happening to you now as it should. The universe is working for you. Not against you. Don’t allow your ego to dictate your life.




So how do I stop allowing my ego to have control over me?


So glad you asked… The quickest and easiest way to start making some serious positive change in your life is meditation.

But I believe a topic such as meditation certainly deserves a whole blog for itself.

So please stay Tuned for my next blog on this super important topic.


Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.

Cynthia Stant